DON’T APPLY FOR THAT JOB YET // Let’s Face the Facts!!!

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Don’t apply for that job yet, till you watch this video & be set. I have helped many candidates get jobs, admissions & settlement across countries.
Many still approach me, but some are still far off the right track. Why?

Let’s look at some reasons/factors:

  1. Many candidates say they are ready, but NOT SET.
    a. Some have no intl pport yet
    b. Some have expired pport
    c. While some nationalities are more concerned about the employment
    visa than the job, others are yet to put their homes together, before
  2. Poor looking CV (wrong selling, wrong emails, errors, wrong certificates, etc)
  3. Don’t expand or shrink your passport pix beyond measure
  4. You may not have to mention your nationality in your CV
  5. Don’t go for any interview with body or mouth odor

Disclaimer: The content of this video is based on my personal experience with many candidates who seek my assistance. I share these with those I care for (one-on-one) for them to learn, if they want to & use through my video, to help the public. It has nothing to do with any particular person!

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