Effective Coaching for New Start-Ups

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Effective Coaching for New Start-Ups

Coaching is a specialized field of people development which can have a noticeable impact on both employee performance and the achievement of business goals, set targets and objectives.

The need for coaching of young entrepreneurs and start-up businesses is very important and strategic to the growth, development and sustainability of SMEs.

Hence, this book focuses on:

– What ‘Coaching’ really is

– Approaches, Models and Theories

– The Coaching Programme for New Entrepreneurs.

– Understanding Mentoring vs. Coaching

– Professionalism of Coaching

– Evolution of ‘Internal Coaching’ and Development of People in the Workplace

– Great Lessons for Coaches, Mentors and Trainers

Without a doubt, this book (with research approach and case studies of United Kingdom-based businesses) will help professionals find their way in the vast topic of supporting business start-ups and coaching.